Water Conservation

the Folsom lake and damAll of the water used in Folsom comes from Folsom Lake, and about 50% of that water is used for outdoor irrigation and sprinkler systems. On top of the drought that has hit California this year, it is estimated that local homeowners use about twice the amount of water needed for outdoor Irrigation.

Most homeowners don't know that with a water efficient sprinkler system, they can keep their water use down, while more effectively watering their properties. We are your local Folsom sprinkler efficiency experts, licensed and ready to tackle any project when it comes to your home sprinkler system. Whether you are looking at an entirely new water efficient sprinkler system, or just want to update your old one, we guarantee that you will see reduced water usage year round.

Professional And Easy To Apply Solutions

There are a number of solutions we offer to help you get your water usage in check:

  • our pros will assess your ground coverSprinkler system efficiency evaluations
  • Ground cover assessment
  • Drip irrigation sprinkler head conversion
  • Misting and directional stream sprinkler heads
  • Automatic leak detecting shut off systems
  • Smart water controllers and weather sensors

We Will Show You How To Start Saving Water

When it comes to water conservation, our trained experts will not only help you with your sprinkler system, but also give you suggestions on how you can use every gallon more effectively. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that adding more shade to their lawn, native plants, and even some mulch can also have a dramatic effect when it comes to efficient irrigation. These small efforts in conjunction with updates to your home irrigation system can help save you up to 8,000 gallons per year, while adding to the value and beauty of your property.

Our local Folsom sprinkler specialists are ready to handle your project, large or small. We can keep your yard lean and green, no matter what the weather holds in the coming years.